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We acquire residential and commercial properties in prime London areas for redevelopment and subsequent resale. 

These acquisitions are either direct investments or jointly with financial partners or third party investors. 

All investments are managed meticulously from acquisition through financing, planning and development to subsequent sale. 

The aim is for each project to be exited within 24 months.

We develop and upgrade where necessary. On the commercial side we match properties with the right tenants to create investment grade concepts for our clients and partners.

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"Sometimes good opportunities present themselves - sometimes extraordinary ones"

Our focus is on investments in prime London residential property and existing and new developments in the serviced apartment-sector.

Prime London Property

The Prime Property market in certain areas of London is globally regarded as a safe haven.

Investors from India, China, the Far and Middle East as well as from Russia and many East European countries are now, more than ever, looking to place their money in London. 

The safest investments are, of course, the core areas; Belgravia, Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill where properties are widely regarded to be able to weather any financial storm better than most other asset classes.  

Our concept is simple:

Once an ultimate opportunity presents itself, we are able to act quickly to secure the property.


Michael Hecht 

Based in London, Michael has been involved in the international property, finance and art market in various capacities for more than 25 years.

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